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GrowthHax Services

GrowthHax Live:
We produce live, high impact mentorship experiences for your community. These can be programs or events, or events inside your events, by bringing together global mentors/leaders, leveraging social media, live and recorded streaming technologies and promotion to expand your live event reach and improve the user experience for your guests/members.
GrowthHax Connect:
We help your organizations build lasting relationships in a global, Cross Border network of peer organizations, potential collaboration partners, Investors, Governments and entrepreneurship/innovation industry leaders. This strengthens and expands the reach of your organization for the benefit of your community!
GrowthHax Education:
We create content, curriculum and deliver the training and education of both entrepreneurs and student communities, as well as your mentor networks, to ensure high impact mentorship and entrepreneurship educational experiences are built into all your programs. We create the content and provide the mentor/instructors-speakers.
GrowthHax Innovate:
We create “innovation, transformation and entrepreneurial thinking” programs and global relationships for Corporates and Universities. The outcome goal is to educate your employees, or your researchers, scientists and engineers on how to turn ideas & inventions into projects, while also learning how to capitalize on your innovation programs and intellectual property by leveraging it into a global network of corporate and Investor partners.
GrowthHax Mentorship Management:
This software platform helps your organization build, manage and measure the connectivity and activities of the mentorship programs within your entrepreneurship programs.
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