Tec de Monterrey | Campus Guadalajara

Puente Labs Bootcamp

Product: Mentorship Management Services

A group of eight entrepreneurs both local and remote, needed to be prepared for a 3 month trip to Silicon Valley


  • Needed to run a bootcamp for 10 days
  • Needed content for the bootcamp
  • Needed Mentorship
  • They lacked staff, resources and expertise to execute the task

Solutions delivered by GrowthHax

  • Created 10 days of content for the bootcamp
  • We came onsite and staffed the delivery of the program for 10 days
  • Recruited a global roster of experienced founders, business leaders to deliver content and mentor founders
  • Delivered personalized mentorship for each founder
  • Piloted 1st “MentorMashup” event programming

What it costs?

Our services are all simply priced for emerging markets. Our present model is a transparent combination of time, effort, relationship value and expenses where appropriate

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