Building a Strong Community: Mentor Mashup

Jason Rosenburg

On Saturday March 2, 2019 we had our first Mentor Mashup. We set aside 20 slots for people/businesses to be mentored by some of our world class mentors live and in person. The response was immediate, and the event sold out quickly. This confirmed to us that we were on the right track. The entrepreneurial community is hungry for guidance and that is what GrowthHax does best. We provide startups with the inside connections to successful business mentors.

The event took place at Silvestré coffee shop here in Tijuana. The atmosphere was hopeful as the people began to arrive. We had 5 mentors, each with different areas of expertise. They included, our GrowthHax Founder/CEO Rob Ryan, Mariana Rodriguez, Roberto Robles, Hector Rodriguez, and Marco Soto. They did an amazing job and many of the participants spoke highly of them.

Since we picked mentors that had different specialties, this allowed us to mash up the entrepreneur with the type of mentoring they needed. Once the meeting began, they had 20 minutes to discuss their project with the mentor and get advice. As the event went on, we got some great feedback from the participants. They were gaining useful knowledge and getting ideas. They spoke of the impact it had on them, and we knew we had struck a chord with what our new business leaders were wanting.

While people were being mentored, those who were waiting were preparing for their time or networking with one another. Each of us who a part of the Mentor Mashup were approached by the attendees and asked great questions and given helpful feedback. We would like to specially thank Omar Villalba for volunteering to help us, along with Silvestré for allowing us to use their space, and the amazing mentors who also volunteered their time.

This is only the beginning; our goal was to create community among the entrepreneurs in the area while providing them with a valuable resource. We have more Mentor Mashups in the works, and they will get better and better. We believe this will become one of the most impactful things we do for the entrepreneurial community.

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  • Jose

    Excelente iniciativa, puede que sea conveniente hacer algun tipo de segmentacion, entre mas preparados esten los Startups, mas su nivel de problematicas para avanzar. Las etapas tempranas hoy dia tienen muchas oportunidades, pero lo realmente dificil va ser empjar las que ya esten listas para afrontar Inversionistas.


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