April 2019 Newsletter

Jason Rosenburg

My View from Beyond the Wall:
By: Rob Ryan

Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning

Events, Events and more Events.

These annual or regular gatherings are the hallmark of the entrepreneurship economy nearly everywhere right now, but no place more so than Latin America. If you listen to me on my podcast, or watch my social media posts, your will regularly hear me lament the inordinate amount of attention our “industry” places on EVENTS and parties, and conferences. Sometimes I think that we (the entrepreneurship industry) thinks that just throwing the event is enough to create incredible entrepreneurs and unicorn companies.

Here’s some truth:

  1. Attending events DOES NOT make someone an entrepreneur.
  2. Producing events DOES NOT make your corporation or university or government institution an “innovation leader,”
  3. Attending every event available DOES NOT make an average founder/entrepreneur into a great one.

But events do have their value and place, if well used, within the development of the entrepreneurship economies and in the growth of entrepreneurs themselves. That’s why we support them as regularly as we can at GrowthHax.

Since our launch we have said that every speech, every workshop or event, is an opportunity for us to Inspire, Educate and/or Empower those we come in contact with. We know that for our business, localized events are a powerfully unique opportunity to get to know the real people of the communities we serve and make a positive impact in local lives. We come to each event with a specific “why we’re there”, and with a specific purpose for how the event will benefit our business at GrowthHax , and how we can impact the audience of our partners. We advise our institutional clients that they should also have a specific “WHY” (desired outcome for their audience) before they bother to produce their event, and we always suggest to every entrepreneur that she or he has a very specific game plan for their attendance before they arrive.

Here are a few tips to make your event attendance worthwhile and productive:

  1. Study the roster of speakers, and vendors before you attend and determine who would be valuable for you to meet for the advancement of Your business/idea.
  2. Map out your day in advance so that you schedule to attend the speeches or conferences of those targeted leaders so that you can ask them questions or wait after their conference to introduce yourself and share your story with them.
  3. Enjoy yourself, but remember you’re at the event to build your business or project, not to party….so have a plan, attack that plan and then measure your progress against that plan at the conclusion of the event in order to deem whether it was successful use of your time or not.

In the coming months GrowthHax will participate in a number of events all over Latin America and if you see us at one in your city please come up and say hi, share your story, and tell us how we can help you grow. We’re here to help, but please respect your own time and talents enough to have a plan; don’t just come for the free food or cerveza.


Tio Rob


ATTENTION TIJUANA: Join GrowthHax at the City Border MX event on April 11 & 12 at Museo Del Trompo Tijuana. There will be talks, workshops, and Shark Tank Mexico will be there. Our Founder/CEO Rob Ryan will be speaking on Friday April 12 at 9:30 am and we will be managing the Reto Comunidad Digital.



Blog Post

By Jason Rosenburg

On Saturday March 2, 2019 we had our first Mentor Mashup. We set aside 20 slots for people/businesses to be mentored by some of our world class mentors live and in person. The response was immediate, and the event sold out quickly. This confirmed to us that we were on the right track.

Would you like to become one of our mentors?

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