About Us
Meet the growthhax team

Our business is built on great people. We’re continually assembling a diverse and deeply experienced team who understand our clients. We are native to the countries, cities, cultures and languages we serve. We help our clients build globally by understanding them locally

The Team

  • Rob Ryan
    Rob Ryan Founder, CEO
  • David Peguero
    David Peguero Partner, Client Delivery
  • Jason Rosenburg
    Jason Rosenburg Content, Community Manager

Market Partners

  • Rodrigo Marin
    Rodrigo Marin Market Partner | Chile & Argentina
  • Irelda Ceballos
    Irelda Ceballos Market Partner | Monterrey, México
  • Ana Sofia
    Ana Sofia Market Partner | LATAM & Global
  • Guillermo Mejia
    Guillermo Mejia Market Partner | Baja California, México
  • Jose Madrigal
    Jose Madrigal Market Partner | Honduras, Costa Rica and Central America
  • Jesus Zepeda
    Jesus Zepeda Market Partner | Guadalajara, México
  • Deyis Delgado
    Deyis Delgado Market Partner | Monterrey, México

Our Core Values



Above all else we value building strong relationships, with our team, our clients and our communities


Do good, while doing good business

Within our business model is a built-in culture of finding ways to do good for others while doing good business for our stakeholders



We understand that relationships are built through great human stories. We live to understand your story and help you tell it the best way possible



In the entrepreneurship & economic growth industry in emerging markets, there are enough people saying “why things cannot or will not succeed”. We’re optimistic, ambitious and dream of what’s possible

A great team needs a
great community

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